Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

Week 3: Mitchell

((Jenny speaking))

Hello all, what took you so long? It's been a while! Last time you were here I was just a little girl. Well I still was at the beginning of the week. I made lots of friends with the neighbours' kids. It's a relatively small town so we pretty much all know each other.

Daddy got the news on Monday that one of his good friends died and even left him some money. It made him said, I think, because he knew that he didn't have much time left himself. Besides, Samantha Stevenson was a nice lady.

Her daughter-in-law is as well. She came over one day and played with my sister. Mom was so worried she'd make her puke that she burned the lobster she was cooking. She was practicing for the headmaster visit the next day. I guess it was better she burnt it that day than the next.

But first it was time for my little brother to be born. Yeah, they finally had a boy. Daddy was thrilled. He loves us girls as well, but I guess he's a bit conservative and wanted a boy to carry on the family name. I guess I'll have to find my own house now when I grow up. Oh, and his name is James, but we usually call him Jamie.

Daddy taught me to study as well that day. He wanted me to be able to impress the headmaster when he came over.

It worked, because I got an A+ the very next day. I was really happy, and so were my parents.

Mom did well at work too. She got promoted to a top secret researcher. I'm not quite sure what she did, but she was working on some kind of government project. It was definitely impressive enough for the headmaster.

This time she didn't burn the lobster, so the food was impressive too. She was kind of miffed because the friend she brought home from work was stealing her limelight though. She'd gone through so much trouble to make everything perfect.

Justice grew up that day too. We didn't even have time to throw her a party since the headmaster's visit was that day. So I guess the only people around were him and the family. At least she grew up in time to make it into private school right away as well.

How could we not get accepted with all the trouble my parents went through to make sure everything was perfect. And thankfully the ghosts didn't show up that night and scare anybody.

Mom got promoted to theorist the very next day. I guess that government project didn't take too long to finish.

She bought herself this neat spinning orb to practice her body skill on. Works fine for her, but one of the neighbours really overdid it when she tried it out. I guess you should ask for instructions before you do something like that. I did just fine with it when I was old enough to use it.

Daddy always made sure we did our homework right after school before we got to play. I didn't like it much, but I guess that got it over with and I didn't have to worry about it the next morning.

About mid-week my little brother became a toddler. We at least got him a cake this time. Though Justice got scared by the ghosts at the party. At least she didn't wet herself though.

Jamie's pretty cute as far as little brothers go. He looks a lot like me and my sister as well. I guess we've got a strong family resemblance going on.

James Mitchell: Aries; 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 7 nice

He's not a lot of fun to play with yet, but me and Justice decided to give it a go. I think he was more interested in the bunny than in us though. Ah well, they get older, right?

Daddy did most of the toddler training, since he's a stay at home dad. It's a bit unusual, I guess, but he says he enjoys getting to spend so much time with us kids.

Mom went back to work in the meanwhile. She made a really good decision at work and earned loads of money. Go mom! She also got a promotion and reached the top position in the science career. She has to go to work in the middle of the night though to do who knows what kind of experiments. It's kind of creepy. It made her really happy though, so I guess it's good.

She didn't work much though before she found out that she was pregnant again. Now that was a surprise! I guess her and dad celebrated her promotion a bit too much. I think she wasn't too sad about it, but kind of worried that dad wouldn't live long enough to see the new baby. ((mutters at risky woohoo and dream dates. There goes population control again.))

I did really good at school despite of it. I even taught some of my classmates how to cook. I can't believe that they didn't even know how to make cookies!

Justice did great as well. She brought home her first A+ and was really happy about it. I guess she couldn't let me get better grades than her.

Daddy's friend Cathleen came over again and she got scared by Sarah's dad. The ghosts have been haunting a lot lately, but they've never bothered me before. Thankfully, because I don't think I'd liek that at all.

After that it was finally time for me to become a teenager. I was so happy. I'm officially allowed to date now! And it means that college isn't far off anymore and then I'll be a real grownup! We threw a party, and a lot of my friends from the neighbourhood came, as well as Sarah and her fiancé.

Ain't I pretty? I look a lot like my aunt Sarah. Well, I call her my aunt even though technically I'm the aunt. But she's older than me by a lot, so... In any case we had a great party. And now I want to get a job because I want to start making money like my mom!

Jenny Mitchell: Fortune, with a LTW to become Chief of Staff
Aries: 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 7 nice

Sadly enough, the first money I made was from something entirely different. You see, daddy died the day after I grew up. At least he got to be at the party, I guess. Mom says he got a party all of his own though, with hula girls and everything.

He had a good life insurance and left us enough money to easily get by. Obviously he left most of it to my little brother, who's going to inherit the house one day. He's a bit young to be an heir though.

Mom was really devastated. She cried a lot. I guess the death didn't mix with the pregnancy hormones well.

She spent a lot of time cuddling my little brother for comfort. I guess us older ones are a bit too old for that. Though she did get a bit clingy with us as well.

Then it was time for my other little brother to be born. She named him Joshua. Or Josh for short. I got to watch her give birth this time, since nobody else was there to help. Not that I did much. He's kind of cute I guess. Looks a lot like the rest of us.

I got roped into helping out with him once in a while when mom was at work. Since she's away at night it works quite well without us having to hire a nanny. He's a good baby and doesn't cry a lot unless he's hungry or has a dirty diaper.

At least I only have to babysit for one baby now. Jamie grew up into a child over the weekend. Since it was so soon after dad's death we didn't think a big party was in order. Instead, we just bought him a cake and celebrated on our own.

He's just as cute as a kid as he was when he was smaller. He's a typical boy though. He likes playing outside and toy trucks and that kind of thing. He's even got camouflage pijamas.

Since I was so good at cooking as a kid, I decided to get a job at a drive-through. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea though. The customers are rude, the hours are long and the pay is bad. I'll probably find some other career after I graduate college. I sure did show that Dudley Landgrabb kid though. Spoilt brat!

I also got myself a boyfriend. Jazz is about my age, so I'm hoping we'll be able to stay together for a long time. He's interested in money as well!

Wasn't he dating Katelyn McMillan though?

Nah, she's off to college now, so they broke up. Don't worry about it.

End of round accomplishments:
- James and Joshua Mitchell were born (yay, boys!)
- Julie reached the top of the science career
- The girls got into private school
- Andrew died in platinum, at top influence
- Jenny became a teenager, Justice and James grew to children

Points this round:
- 2 for two new sims: James and Joshua
- 1 for Julie's TOC science

((*sighs at the fact that all the kids are personality clones of each other*. And possibly clones looks wise as well. I need to roll the dice in CAS more often :p))

Week 3: McMillan

((Siobhan speaking))

Oh wait, you're already here? Shoo for a minute, will you? We need some space in here!

Okay, so now that he's gone I guess I have some time to chat before I can invite the next man over. They don't answer calls in the middle of the night, not even if they're booty calls from me. As you see, I've been doing quite well in the romance department. That good looking young man whose name I can't seem to remember wasn't the only one. The kids are so used to it by now that they barely notice anymore.

Of course, they've been having fun as well. I'm probably the only parent in this town that lets them have parties whenever they want. The house has become a popular hangout for the neighbourhood teens.

Sometimes it got a bit out of hand though. This one time when the girls were having their friends over, Katelyn nearly fell asleep at the table. She's lucky she didn't get a face full of hamburger.

They ended up making it a sleepover party and everyone went to bed sometime near 2am. I had to give up my own bed so that everyone could have some rest. I didn't mind though. I was probably on a date anyway, and if worse comes to worse, there's always the energizer.

Keira's the most rebellious one. She snuck out with her friend Jazz foster the other day. She thought I didn't notice, but I did. As I don't get the police in the house telling me to be a more responsible guardian, I can deal with that. And she makes sure not to get caught.

Not everyone is so accepting of my dating as my grandchildren are. Sarah Mitchell was plenty upset to see me "cheating" on her grandfather. I think she missed the memo that we were never serious in the first place. Not to mention I've left my hands off him for a while now. He's got enough going on with his kids at home, and I'm not a homewrecker, whatever people may say.

And I'm not exactly sure how Darren Foster is going to explain to his daughter why he's leaving expensive presents at my doorstep. I hope he'll find a good excuse though. I can see why his wife wanted so many of his babies, he knows how to have a fun time *wiggles eyebrows*.

And I'm afraid our good headmaster caught me on a date with someone else when he tried to come bring me a present late at night. I made sure to move those dates inside ASAP from then on. But it still led to some newspaper stealing before I managed to soothe it over.

It's a good thing I did that as well, because with so many dream dates you're bound to have a few close calls. Good thing nobody looks through the windows when dropping off presents in this town.

And boy did it ever pay off, not only in the financial sense. I'm so hot that nobody can leave their hands off me. I've reached 30 lovers, and I'm still going strong!

The kids did make sure to work hard between all that partying. They all ended up reaching the top of their teenage careers.

I guess Keira's attitude does have it's good sides once in a while. She won't take any slack from anyone, not even her own boss. I guess they were impressed that she had the guts to take a stand. In any case, she was thrilled to be earning more money.

Her sister wasn't so lucky though. She spent all day cleaning after a food fight and got docked her pay because she still didn't get done. Poor thing. But then money was never too important to her anyway. As long as she keeps that scholarship from work she won't be too fussed.

I have to say that sometimes her behaviour is a bit strange in that sense. Only a typical knowledge sim could find pleasure in sticking her head into a full trash compactor to try and fix it. At least she didn't get electrocuted, though she did need a shower afterwards.

She managed to get plenty of skills that way though, and ended up gaining scholarships for all of them. She even managed to max out a few. Charisma was especially difficult for her, since she's so shy.

Her brother and sister did study as well, though they weren't quite as enthusiastic. They only did just enough to get the scholarships and earn the skills they'd need for their future careers.

When they weren't skilling, the kids were dating. I guess you can't live with me without picking up a few tricks. Katelyn got together with her sister's best friend Jazz.

And Keira decided to take a big step and go steady with Hendrik Stevenson.

There was a bit of a catch to that though. It seems that Hendrik had been casually dating around a bit before he met Keira and never really told Sophie Miguel that it wasn't anything serious. I guess she found out the hard way in the end. Poor girl was so shocked that she didn't even have the guts to go slap him. She just went home since it was already late.

She's quite upset about it though. Keith asked her about it later and she said that she was still furious.

Keith himeslf was dating Allegra Foster, but he tried to keep that pretty much on the down-low because of their age difference. I'm not sure whether that'll last through college, since she's not going quite yet.

At the end of the week, the kids called up their schollarships and got quite a large ammount each. Katelyn got the most, of course, with §8500. Though her siblings only got one stipendium less each. They threw a big party to celebrate their graduation from highschool. All their friends came.

The police ended up spoiling the party by breaking it up, but everyone had a fun time anyway.

Well, it looks like I'm going to be all alone here until Keith comes back from college. I'm going to enjoy it. Thanks to that elixir of life I should manage to stick around long enough to hold the house. I wouldn't want the triplets to lose their childhood home. Besides, I'm having way too much fun to die just yet.

End of round accomplishments:
- Siobhan's dating spree continues and she finally has 30 lovers
- The triplets all find love and throw loads of parties
- All three teens leave for college at the end of the round

Points this round:
- 10 for Siobhan's IW to have 30 lovers