Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007

Week 3: Stevenson

Hello all, I'm Michael and I'll guide you through what happened at our house this week, for lack of a better alternative. I'm usually not a big talker. Anyway... the week started off as usual, with my mother dating while everyone else was of at school or work. That's not exactly what we bought the car for, but it explains why she still wanted me and Cathy to carpool to work. Heh.

The kids are doing great at school, and even had a few extracurricular things going on. Hendrik's good at science, and our youngest has always had a sweet tooth. I guess it paid off for both of them.

Of course, me and Cathy couldn't be outdone by our children. We both brought home yet another promotion that day. It seems that the precinct is respecting our wishes to be promoted together. We're a great team, both at work and privately.

Meanwhile, Chloe has picked up her siblings' habit of bringing friends home from school almost every day. Here she is with one of our neighbours' girls. I believe it's Calypso Foster.

Frederik got a job after school at the local hospital. He's quite good at it and was promoted to EMT. It's not the job he wants to stay with once he's grown up, but it pays quite well and that's the most important thing to him at the moment.

Me and Cathy were busy workign out for our next promotion, so we asked mom to make sure Chloe was doing her homework. She waited until quite late, but it got done in the end.

I think the only time mom wasn't dating was in the dead of the night so that the neighbours wouldn't complain. Abhijeet took that occasion to deliver small gifts at our doorstep. I sewar we could have decorated the whole house with flowers ten times over by now if they didn't wilt. I guess he just wants to make sure she's constantly reminded of him even when he's not there. Which is seldom enough.

Until finally, sometime near the middle of the week, she announced that she'd had 50 dream dates with Abhijeet and was now blissfully happy. Wow! I'm surprised she even managed to keep count, since she's been getting rather forgetful lately. Maybe she kept the bouquets as a reminder.

Making sure that Chloe did her homework paid off, because soon enough she was bringing home an A+ like her brothers and sister.

Since Sophie liked having her study time, she didn't get her job in Athletics until relatively late in the week. But when she did, it really went off with a bang. She was involved in a scheme to ruin the reputation of one of the star players on her team. I'm so proud she worked up the courage to do the right thing. I'm hoping this means me and Cathy have been a good influence.

She was a bit embarrassed about her boyfriend seeing her in her new work outfit, but he seemed to think it suited her just fine. Maybe he's a fan of the team, who knows. They've been dating more or less steadily all week, though I'm not sure whether their relationship will survive her moving to college

I think mom got a bit tired of all that dating after she'd hit 50. Or maybe it was just her old age starting to show, because we barely saw Abhijeet in the next few days and she did more relaxing instead.

She also tried out the new plaything we got to make working out easier for us and the teens. I guess it's not the right thing for an older lady. I was afraid she'd hurt herself, but she actually said it was quite fun. That's my mom, always the pleasure seeker!

That evening was quite an eventful one. For one thing, me and Cathy both got our last promotion and became Captain Hero and Captain Heroine! None of Prosperity Pinnacle's criminals had a chance against the two of us together! We noticed though that there's not much going on in this town in the form of crime and only one of us was needed. Since Cathy's always been dreaming of becoming a general, she got a new job in the military.

But first we rewarded ourselves by having a little date in the car. Now I know why mom liked this so much. We haven't had this much fun since we were dating as teenagers! *chuckles*

Talking of... the second thing that happened is that Hendrik finally got his first kiss. From one of the McMillan triplets that live down the street. The girl's a bit of a troublemaker from what I hear, but he's head over heels. They have a lot in common too, since she wants to be a Business Tycoon as well.

Sadly enough, that was also the night my mother passed away. I promised myself that I would try to be strong since we all knew it was her time, but it was hard not to plead for her to stay a little bit longer. At least she led a full life and had an excellent relationship with all of us when she died. We couldn't have asked for a better mother and grandmother.

In the end, she went willingly and without complaint, but the rest of us were devastated. She left us quite a few simoleans too. I never even knew she'd taken out a life insurance, but the money will come in handy to renovate the house.

The next day at work I faced a most difficult decision. The Llama Queen was really out to get me, but with some quick thinking I managed to foil her plans once again! I got a hefty paycheck on top of the gratitude of the people of sim city. It really helped to raise my spirits.

Sophie wasn't as lucky though. I guess she bit of more than she could chew when she tried to fill the footsteps of the previous mascot. Ah well, it was her last day of work before she leaves for college, so she won't have to worry about it anymore. At least she wasn't fired.

I think growing up with so many older siblings and witnessing all their dating has been a bad influence on little Chloe. I could have sworn I overheard her and Jazz foster talking about how they were in love and wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend the other day. It wasn't long before she became a teen herself, but still a bit premature in my eyes!

Since the criminal mastermind was finally apprehended, I decided to turn my attention elsewhere as well. I went into the science field and promptly became a scholar. I'm not sure how thrilled my older children are that I'll be working at their university, but I'm loving the job. The hours are great and it's not as physically demanding as being captain hero. I'm not getting any younger after all!

Chloe's birthday fell on the weekend, so we had enough time to throw a big party for our little princess. Cathy decided that it would be a good opportunity to reconnect to some of our friends, and I think she went a bit overboard. And of course the kids had to invite their friends as well. I don't think I've ever had the house so full, and I'm used to a lot! Here's Chloe hugging her best friend Calypso and Hendrik having a serious talk with his twin sister's boyfriend, while his own girlfriend is laughing at her brother's dancing skills.

Frederik made it as well, and brought his fiancé Sarah. All in all, I think we had all the McMillans, quite a few Fosters and Mitchells, and the odd townie over. We had to move the cake outdoors so that everyone could be there when Chloe blew out the candles. Thankfully the weather's always nice here.

Here she is all grown up and looking a lot like her older sister. She wants the same thing out of life as well. To gain as much knowledge as possible. Both are very sensible girls!

Chloe Stevenson: Knowledge, with a LTW to be Chief of Staff
Aries: 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 4 serious, 6 nice

My mother haunted the house that night. I think she was sad that she died and missed her granddaughter's birthday. She always did love a good party.

She managed to scare both my daughters, who were thrilled about it, and my wife, who was not. She stayed outside though, so I think we're pretty much safe if we're not stargazing at night.

At least safe from the ghosts. The computer broke down and Cathy insisted on fixing it herself, though I was worried senseless that something would happen to her. I don't want to lose another loved one so soon after my mother. She was fine, but next time that computer breaks down I'm buying a new one before she notices.

Finally, it was time for the twins to leave for college at the end of the week. They racked up quite a few scholarships each, so I'm sure they'll do fine. They're moving in with their older brother, so at least they already know someone there. And he promised to show them around once they arrive.

End of round accomplishments:
- Michael and Cathleen both became Captain Hero
- Samantha had 50 dream dates and died in Perma Plat, with maximum influence and maxed relationships to all her family members
- Sophie and Hendrik reached the top of their teen careers
- Chloe had a monsted birthday party and grew to a teen
- The twins racked up some scholarships and moved to college

Points this round:
- 10 for Samantha's LTW to have 50 dream dates
- 10 more since that was also her IW
- 2 for Michael and Cathleen's TOC

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