Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Getting Started

This is my first blog, so excuse me if it's a bit unprofessional. I'm hoping it'll get better with time as I figure out what I'm doing, lol. I'm always open to tips on how to improve my posting, so don't be afraid to criticise.

I've played the sims a lot, but this is my first attempt at a challenge. I tend to get bored with my sims as soon as the families get too rich, so let's see how this goes. Maybe having several of them will keep me interested.

Oh, and I've decided to go crazy and try to fulfill all their LTWs and IWs if anyhow possible. I might actually score the challenge as well, if I'm feeling up to it.

Anyway... I started off with 5 families and some of them look quite daunting. But then I like challenges :).

The Stevensons:
Samantha: Female elder
Michael: Male adult
Cathleen: Female adult
Frederik: Male child
Hendrik: Male toddler
Sophie: Female toddler

The Mitchells:

Andrew: Male elder

Sarah: Female teen

The Fosters:
Darren: Male adult
Arcadia: Female teen

The McMillans:

Siobhan: Female elder
Keith: Male toddler
Keira: Female toddler
Katelynn: Female toddler

The Stuarts:

Henry: Male elder
Miranda: Female adult

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Christine hat gesagt…

Hi! Looks like you have some very interesting families! Good luck with the McMillian family! That family looks to be the hardest to me. I look forward to more updates!