Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Week 1: Stevenson

Hello all, this is Samantha Stevenson speaking. I'll be commentating this week, I guess, since my boy and his wife are busy with their kids. They've got a whole bunch already and are planning on having even more, but more to that later. As you can see, this is a happening place already. Quite a few of our neighbours showed up to greet us at our new house. Siobhan and Andrew were in the welcome waggon along with Darren Foster. I believe he was inside when this picture was taken, chatting with the younguns. His daughter walked by a bit later and so did Henry Stuart. I think I've met all my neighbours that are my own age now. Shame there's nobody among them that I really hit it off with, though we all had fun playing kicky bag together.

My silly boy managed to set a fire the first time he got anywhere near the stove. I told him to leave that to me and his wife from now on. He can be such a klutz sometimes. Good thing we have a fire alarm already!

Of course as soon as the guests were gone we started on teaching the toddlers their skills. Here's Sophie learning to say "Grandma". Ain't she the sweetest thing?

Her father taught her to go potty as well, and of course we taught her brother the same things.

After that, I was ready for some me time. I love those kids, but they get so stressful after a while. There's never a quiet moment in that house! So I went downtown and worked as a barrista for a while to make some extra money and meet a few new people. There was one I liked particularly well. His name is Abhijeet. I hope I spelled that right. Complicated name if I ever heard one. But he's a sweet person and we had a dream date right off the bat. And then another one after that. And then another... *chuckles* I have to admit I'm a sucker for having a good time. The kids laughed when I told them, but they seem to be okay with it. After all, I put up with all of their antics when they were younger.

As I said, there was a lot of skilling going on in the house. Here's the toddlers learning how to walk while I look up some good recipes. After all, someone has to cook and we don't want any more fires around here. The babies are dead scared of 'em. Good thing they hardly noticed the last one.

Of course both of the kids had to get a job ASAP to pay the bills. I'm not too much help in that respect, seeing as I'm too old. But at least I can look after the little ones while they're gone. Nannies are so gosh darn expensive, and not exactly the most reliable people, or so I've heard. Cathy didn't do too well though. She got demoted to dishwasher because she refused to skip in and cook when everyone else had gone home already. She was probably thinking of that accident her husband had earlier and didn't want to set the place on fire. Ah well, culinary wasn't the field she was interested in anyway. She'd much rather join the army, but there were no jobs available in that field.

My boy did a lot better. Here he is coming home with a promotion to recruit! Yup, he joined the police force. Frederik went out to congratulate him right away. Such a sweet child!

Abhijeet called me up and asked me whether I'd like to go on another date, and of course I couldn't refuse. The kids were already in bed, so no harm in it. And dating keeps me young! Though I'm not sure I'll tell the kids about this little incident. They're both relatively shy people, so I doubt they'd ever do something as daring as woohoo in a photobooth. The diva and Mr. Ng seemed to think it was a hoot though.

Thursday was a good day. As you can see, Cathy joined her husband in the police force because it paid better (still no army jobs, sadly) and they both got another promotion. And Frederik got his first A+ as well!

And there was even more reason to celebrate. The toddlers finally had their birthday and turned into beautiful children. We didn't throw a real party, but a friend of my son from the force came back with him from work and I had Abhijeet over. As you can see we'd been on another date *blushes*.

With all the promotion money (and the funds from a rather expensive gift from my boyfriend) we were able to decorate the house a bit, so we decided to get the kids into private school. He still wasn't too impressed with the house, but I made pork chops and Michael schmoozed up a little and in the end they were accepted.

You know when I said that the kids wanted more babies? Well I wasn't kidding. They'd agreed to put things on hold until the twins were a bit older and our financial situation was better, but after that, there was no holding them back. By Friday we found out that Cathy was expecting.

They had another gorgeous daughted and named her Chloe. And I think they might just go for one more before they're done. No end to changing diapers in this house. Ah well, at least I'm lucky enough to see them all born. And hopefully I'll live to see them grow up some as well!

End of round accomplishments:
- Both toddlers learn all their skills and grow up into children
- The three children get into private school
- A new baby girl, Chloe, is born
- Samantha finds a boyfriend and has had 20/50 dream dates for her LTW/IW
- Cathleen still hasn't gotten her dream job in the military, mostly because of the pregnancy.

Points this round:
- 7 for seven sims: Samantha, Cathleen, Michael, Frederik, Hendrik, Sophie and Chloe


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

Really nice family. it's quite an accomplishment to get the kids into private school in the first week of play, you must be so proud. Hmmm, men and cooking, seems it's never a good mix, even in the Sims. You seem to be doing well on the dream date want, let's hope Samantha lasts out until she has all 50. Now that really would be something. Good job on your first blog, and I look forward to your next update.

Sally hat gesagt…

Whoa - 20 out of 50 dream dates already - way to go Grandma! I like this family. I wonder if you're going for Michael's IW of 10 babies??