Sonntag, 18. November 2007

Week 2: University

Hello all, it's me again, Arcadia, finally at university and away from all my dad and stepmom's babies. Man, it's nice to have some time to yourself without having to change a diaper every few seconds. Here's a picture of me just after I arrived. As much as I like it here, they really could have issued me a nicer dress. Eww, pink!

These are my housemates, Frederik and Sarah. Sarah's a good friend of mine from work, so we decided to shack up together. That was before I knew that she's be liplocked with her boyfriend 24/7. But ah well, I can deal. At least they don't wake me up in the middle of the night like the babies. Something about waiting until they're married. They're sickeningly sweet.

Talking about marriage, one of the first things that Frederik did after we got here was ask Sarah to marry him. Says he wants to grow old with her and everything and have ten babies. Of course she said yes. Seriously, they're worse than my parents. Talk about population explosion! But hey, as I said, they're not going to start with that until after we graduate, so I'm not too fussed.

They're both very serious about their studying, especially Frederik. Says he'll have to bring in loads of money to support a large family and he'll need a good education for that. So he started writing his term paper right away. I'm sure he'll get top grades if he continues this way.

I personally have other methods of getting good grades. Why work your backside off writing papers when you can just schmooze up to your professors a bit? Seriously, they're such pushovers. All you need is a tight top and a short skirt and they're putty in your hands. Sarah picked up this outfit for me when she was out the other day. Way more my style than the pink frock. Black is beautiful, after all! Frederik seemed less than thrilled when he saw me doing this though. I think he thinks I'm a bit of a slut. Meh, just because I'm not a goody two shoes like him and Sarah...

The other day we had a visitor. This pregnant chick just walked straight through the door and started munching on our victuals. What's with that, eh? We're poor college students, we can't afford to feed half the hood! Talk about an invasion of privacy. We'll have to start locking the doors. That cheerleader girl keeps just barging in as well. And to think I assumed we'd have a bit of privacy if we moved to our own house.

You know who else just barged in? This police chick from back home, Demi Love! I decided to hide upstairs just in case, but she was more interested in Sarah. Seemed strange to me, since Sarah's the last person who would even think of breaking the law.

Of course I found out what was up just the next day, when someone actually came for me. Not Demil, though, one of her colleagues. Don't remember his name. He's not very cute, so it's not as if it's important anyway.

Instead of dropping me off at the police station, he brought me to this cool looking building that I later found out was the headquarters of the secret society. How exciting! I love being part of the in crowd.

They have some pretty neat gimmicks in that house as well. Like this lie detector thing. Now I'm pretty good at bending the truth, but it seems not good enough. I got the shock of a lifetime from that one. Not sure whether I'm a big fan of the technique.

Oh yeah, gratuitous 'dream date under the moonlight' shot. Sarah seemed thrilled by Frederik's advances. I personally think he sounds like a tortured cat in heat, but I'm not about to tell them that.

I spent most of my free time making new friends and catching up with the old ones. I'm one of the most popular girls I know. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop meeting new people. I still haven't found the man of my dreams, after all.

All I get are weirdos that are way too interested in my assets. You know, I wouldn't mind as much if he was actually cute, but... eww! And no, I don't think it's my fault for running around in my nightie. It's my house I can do whatever I please. I guess it's just a bad habit I picked up from home. With so many babies you're glad if you can skip the changing and just run around in your jammies all day. After all, if you wear your nicest clothes they're bound to pick exactly that moment to puke all over you.

Me and Sarah have gotten quite close, despite our disagreeances on Frederik's singing abilities. The girl makes a mean chili con carne. At least I'm not going to starve to death before I graduate.

I even found one or two things that I have in common with Frederik. We're both very big on protecting the environment. I guess it's a start, right?

All three of us have become pretty popular around here. and were named big sims on campus. Kind of strange since a lot of my friends aren't even here at college, but I'm not going to complain. It's a pretty neat title. And it means that everyone wants to get to know us and make friends. Maybe we should found a greek house. We constantly have half the campus over at our place anyway.

With the money we got from getting on the dean's list, as well as one or two dating presents, we got this neat gadget. It's supposed to help with your body skills, but that's kind of difficult when you keep getting thrown out of it. Stupid thing! And I was only running it on slow as well. I don't even want to know how Frederik gets away with spinning on maximum speed. I think I'd puke!

I eventually managed to do a bit better though, and grew myself some muscles! Who knows, maybe a guy will come along who likes fit sims. In any case it might be useful if I decide to pursue a career in sports or the military like dad.

Other people didn't do quite as well though. That Stuart guy came over one night, don't remember who invited him, and geve it a shot. Me and my professor thought it was pretty funny, because he kept getting thrown out and he wasn't getting any better either. Maybe it's just not something very suitable for the elderly.

Wow, I was actually studying in this photo. I guess I had a bad conscience because Sarah and Frederik were at it all the time and I barely ever did an assignment. But hey, at least I showed up in class, right?

Sometime during my Sophmore year I decided that I needed a new hobby. So we got ourselves a flower making bench and I tried to make a few bouquets. I'm getting better at it already, and am making a steady profit off the arrangements. I'm no fortune sim, but hey, one can always use a bit of dough!

Sarah found other ways to make money. She started painting and eventually got good enough at it to sell a masterpiece. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Maybe I should try that as well. I'm pretty decent at anything creative. I used to paint quite a bit at home before the babies were born. I guess Allegra is using my easel now.

As much as I love university, sometimes I do miss home. Less my family, I visit them all the time, but all the boys that I used to hang out with. I wish that at least some of them had decided to attend college as well. At least Hendrik is coming to uni next year though. That'll be cool! He's a lot more fun than his older brother. Maybe he'll even move in with us.

Oh, and since I'm halfway through my education already, I finally had to make up my mind about what I want to do once I graduate. I decided that hey, the romancing bit has worked for me so far, right, so why not continue this way? Not like I ever wanted to get married and have kids anyway. And having loads of top businesses is way strenuous. I think I'd rather become an athlete instead, now that I've worked out and all.

Well, that's it for our first two years here. Have fun back at the hood! Next time you join us we'll probably have a few more people in the house, since Hendrik and Sophie are moving in with us. And maybe we'll finally get down to founding that greek house.

End of round accomplishments:
- Sarah and Frederik get engaged
- Sarah, Frederik and Arcadia finish their first 2 years with a 4.0 average
- All three students become big sims on campus and are accepted into the secret society
- Arcadia starts wooing her professors and decides that she's interested in a life of romance

Points this round:
- 3 for 3 big sims on campus
- 3 for 3 sims accepted into the SS

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