Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Week 1: Mitchell

(Author's note: This was the hardest time I ever had killing off placeholders. Since the two remaining sims are both family, it broke their hearts and nearly broke mine.)

Hello all, Andrew Mitchell speaking. As you might have heard, me and my granddaughter just had to endure the death of my beloved son and his wife. We had a hard time coping after that, but the two of us have always been very close, and it's only strengthened our bond in the end. Together, we've managed to pick ourselves back up and continue with our lives and make a new start. But let's start at the beginning, shal we?

This was our welcome waggon at the new house. Henry Foster showed up as well as some townies. I was glad that there was someone Sarah's age too. They didn't stay too long though, since I had to go to work and Sarah wanted to go out and meet some more of our neighbours.

It seems she did more than just that. A few days later I caught her kissing George McCarthy on the lawn. He's a nice boy, but I'd hoped for someone more family oriented like herself. Ah well, maybe she'll end up changing her mind. After all, teenage romances don't always last. They make a cute couple, though, and she's having fun.

I made sure she didn't neglect her schoolwork though. Even if she doesn't care too much about her career, she plans on having a big family one day and those kids will need feeding!

Seemingly, her parents weren't too happy about us moving on with our lives. Sarah's mother was especially vengeful, while her father spent most of the night reenacting his own death. At least he didn't bother anyone.

After a stressful night, I decided to go out on my day off and see whether I could meet some nice people. I've been looking for a nice lady ever since my wife died a few years ago, but haven't had any luck so far.

You know, maybe that's because you go around chatting them up the wrong way. Not everyone likes it when creepy old men start talking to them about woohoo out of the blue.

Maybe. I didn't meet anyone special on that outing, in any case. I did make some money working as a barrista though, so it was worth it. Until night fell and this pale guy started staring at my neck all the time. It was creepy. I decided it was time to go home. After all, I had to go to work the next day.

I did have some luck in the romance department eventually. This is Julie. I met her at the local hospital when I went to get myself checked out. After all, we still have no idea what my son and daughter in law died of, and I wanted to make sure I was healthy and could care for Sarah at least until she's fully grown. As you see, she didn't think I was being too brash in my advances.

Soon enough, I'd convinced her to move in with us. I knew that Sarah would move out on her own eventually, and I didn't want to feel lonely. Besides, I don't have that much time left and this makes it a whole lot easier to take our relationship to the next level.

Julie Stratton: Knowledge, with a LTW to be a Mad Scientist
Pisces: 5 neat, 3 shy, 7 active, 3 serious, 7 nice
(after a bit of meddling with her turn-ons, these two have 3 bolts!)

Thankfully, her and Sarah are getting along just fine, though I think my granddaughter is apprehensive about me getting involved with a woman so much younger than myself. We seriously have to work on her table manners though. And on her cooking skills. Not that I can talk.

Having an adult income in the house has really helped our financial situation. Julie reached the top of her career as a Chief of Staff and she makes a nice amount of money.

Enough that we could afford to have the headmaster over to get Sarah accepted into his school. My son gave us a bit of trouble that night. He doesn't seem to be too thrilled that I'm replacing his mother. Thankfully he only scared Julie and not the headmaster himself, and Sarah was accepted. Julie actually thought that it was an exciting experience.

The new school really paid off. Sarah was a lot happier when she came home, and soon enough her grades had improved to an A+. That and the fact that she reached the top of her career in the culinary field made her an overachiever. I'm so proud of her!

By that time, me and Julie had realized that we were truely in love.

And soon enough we found out that we were more than just that. I was able to convince Julie to start a family with me, though she doesn't want a whole lot of children. A son would be nice, so that I'd have someone to carry on the family name.

Sarah wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of getting an aunt or uncle, but her and Julie had a talk, and I think she ended up convincing my granddaughter that she really did love me and the baby would make us both happy.

There was something left to do before the baby arrived, though. I asked Julie to be my wife, and we were married right there in our living room. Neither of us wanted to waste time on a huge ceremony. Not to mention that since I was new to the neighbourhood I wouldn't have known too many people to invite anyway.

Well, I didn't end up getting my son, but we had a beautiful little daughter that we named Jenny. She's adorable, and looks a whole lot like her proud daddy, though I think her skin tone might be slightly darker. I hope she'll get a little brother soon, but I still have to convince Julie of that first.

End of round accomplishments:
- Both Andrew and Sarah ended up finding love
- Julie Stratton moved in and eventually ended up becoming Julie Mitchell
- Sarah was an overachiever
- Julie reached the top of her career as Chief of Staff
- Jenny Mitchell was born

Points this round:
- 4 for four sims: Andrew, Sarah, Julie and Jenny
- 1 for Julies TOC as Chief of Staff


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

Hard start with two ghosts from the outset, but it didn't seem to make the house too impossible. Another first week with Private School attained, I wish I knew how you do it. Well done. The picture of baby Jenny is really cute. Altogether a fairly successful first round for the Mitchell's.

Sally hat gesagt…

Awww... it's nice when family sims find love. I wonder if Sarah will stick with George McCarthy. I've played him before, but can't remember his stats.