Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Week 1: Foster

Hello, Arcadia Foster here. I think I'll be doing the updates for now because my dad's constantly busy with studying. I guess mom was right when she said that he was more interested in books than people. I still don't think that was reason enough for her to run off with another guy though, but whatever. The two of us have to make the best of what we've got and move on with life. And boy did we ever! But let's start at the beginning...

Dad was studying when the welcome waggon arrived, so I was the one that went out and greeted them. I always like meeting new people! I eventually convinced him to come out too though, and I don't think he ended up regretting it. Actually, I know he didn't.

You see, one of the people in the waggon was Miranda Stuart, and those two got along really great. Miranda just moved in here with her father as well, so she could relate to our situation.

As I said, they ended up really hitting it off. I didn't know dad still had it in him. And to think I should be the one with the raging hormones! *shakes head*

Dad didn't really care what job he took, since he's more interested in studying anyway, so he hired with the military because they pay so well. Looks like the job suits him, since he got several promotions already. Though he says it's not always so pleasant. He earned a bit of cooking skill the hard way the other day.

Dad and Miranda really didn't waste any time. Dad popped the question and she moved in. I'm not sure how happy I am about that. She's nice enough, but I think half of dad's decision was because we got a letter from mom the other day saying that her and her new man are having a baby. Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it. I guess he wanted to show her that he could keep up with that.

And boy can he ever. You know what Miranda said when she moved in? She said she wants six children. SIX! And she wants to see them all married off as well. Wow, the woman's got some kind of ambition! But that's not the best part. You know what dad said to that? He said "Sure!". SURE?!? My dad, the nerd, with six brats runnung around the house? It's official. Both of my parents have completely lost their marbles. Hello! You already have a kid, remember? Me! What happened to me! Did I drop off the face of the earth or something? Not that anyone would have noticed if I had. *scoffs and walks off*

Oh yeah. And of course they got started right away. Miranda was preggers within days and they were both sickeningly thrilled about it. When she wasn't puking her heart out, that is.

Of course, they had to get married first, and they staged a big party to let everyone in on how happy they were together. Not that anyone could overlook that fact, but whatever. They did the whole shebang with wedding arch and everything. None of us knew too many people, so me and Miranda's father were the only ones in attendance. Oh, and this guy I happened to bring home from school that day. Here are the photos from the party. Sickeningly sweet, aren't they.

They staged the wedding just in time, because right after the honeymoon Miranda started showing.

But enough about them, let's talk about me! I got quite busy in the romance department as well. No babies from me, though. Nuh-uh! I did have a date with Randy London though, and we shared my first kiss!

I don't think I'm ready to go steady quite yet though. I'd like to date around a bit first. Not to mention I'm still doubting my lifetime aspiration. I think I'll wait until college before I get serious. (She's rerolling. I'm not doing 5 top level businesses if I can help it.)

I also had a date with this really cute goth looking kid. I figure the more boys I date the more likely I am to find 'the one', right?

I'm also getting top grades at school. Next week, I'm planning on getting a job as well, so that I can save up some money for college. I've got to get out of this house before it starts swarming with screaming little diaper-fillers.

Talking of... my little sister Allegra was born over the weekend, and she looks exactly like her mother. Except for the eyes. She has me and dad's eyes.

Living with Allegra in the house was tough. We didn't have room for a proper nursery, so she had to sleep in the kitchen, where she kept crying and annoying the heck out of everybody, especially me. Everyone was a bit crabby, and I even had a huge fight with Miranda about helping out in the house. She thought that I was old enough to do some of the chores, and I said I wasn't about to take over all the work just because she was busy popping out one baby after the other.

Yeah, she's pregnant again already and constantly either puking or sleeping. If this is what it's like to have babies, I'm going to stay single, thank you very much. Or I'll adopt or something.

I felt bad about the fight though. I guess I could take a bit of time off from dating and do some cleaning or something. I seriously hate tidying up though. I wish we had the money to hire a maid, but with only one income... and I'd rather spend my time studying for scholarships, since I'm off to university soon. I did bake her some cheesecake to make up for the fight though, since she was craving it so much and I'm the only one with enough cooking skill. I think she appreciated it.

End of round accomplishments:

- Miranda Stuart marries Darren and moves in
- Arcadia starts dating
- Baby Allegra is born
- Two more babies are on the way
- Darren is busy studying and working his way up in the military
- Arcadia is feeling neglected and looking forward to college

Points this round:
- 4 for four sims, Darren, Arcadia, Miranda and Allegra


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

I imagine Arcadia won't be returning after college? This is going to be one full house, and it doesn't sound like she's exactly thrilled about all the babies to come. So nice of her to make her stepmum cheesecake though! The wedding was a nice touch, even if there weren't many guests. All in all another successful start. Can't wait ot see Arcadia in college.

Ellie hat gesagt…

Nope, I don't see her coming back after college. There'll be no room, and since she's a girl she can't be the heir anyway if I want the house to stay in the family. She'll get a place of her own. Or with her husband to be, if she finds one :)

Sally hat gesagt…

Heh - you sure have a lot of babies in your first round, every house so far! This could be a large neighborhood, but then it's good how you matched off 2 of your starting sims. Nice wedding!