Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Week 1: Stuart

Hello, I'm Henry, and since my daughter moved out on me before we'd even properly moved in, I guess I'll have to do this update alone. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that Miranda left me for the first male that crossed her path. And he's dirt poor! Now if she'd chosen that Malcom guy from Bluewater I would have understood... Ah well, I guess she never did care much about money. She comes after her mother. A lovely woman, but with no business sense whatsoever. Now my new wife is the exact opposite, but more to that later.

First, I'd like to show you my house. It's quite a nice one, if I say so myself. Very fitting of a man of my status. Or of the status I will one day have again. It still needs a lot of work, but I'm getting there. Sadly enough, with the only adult income out of the house and busy having someone else's babies, I had to put a temporary halt to the refurnishing.

I didn't bother with getting one of the jobs offered to the elderly in the newspaper. They all bring pathetically little money, and I'm used to playing in a bigger league than that. Instead, I took a taxi to town. I was hoping for either a like-minded woman or a business partner with enough money to start a small business with me. Everything else I can handle on my own. Isn't the first time I've started from scratch, after all. I worked as a barrista for some extra cash, but mostly for the connections. This Ramirez guy wasn't very forthcoming though.

I was almost ready to give up and head home, when this beautiful specimen decided to walk by. Her name's Amy, and even though she's a lot younger than me we hit it off right away. The moment she told me that her lifetime dream is to become a Business Tycoon I was in love. Now that's a girl after my own taste! At the moment she's still working in the military though.

Oh, and of course a welcome waggon showed up at my place as well to greet me to the neighbourhood. I talked to them for a little bit, you never know when you'll need some good connections, after all, but none of them were particularly interesting. That Siobhan woman was quite charming though, but she seemed to be more interested in that other man, Andrew, than in me.

After a while, I sent the visitors off on their way and invited Amy over. I had to use all my charm, but I eventually convinced her to move in with me. We weren't talking about marriage quite yet, but we both agreed that saving the money for her rent was a good thing.

To my delight, Amy had some money put to the side, and rather than using it to improve the house I... err, we... decided to invest it into a small business of our own. I'd considered a home venue, but I really don't want strangers snooping around our property. It's called Little 'n Local, and it wasn't much to look at in the beginning, but we've done quite well with it. Right after Amy got back from her job as an astronaut, we headed over and got the place up and running.

I can't believe that she didn't change out of her astronaut suit, but she didn't seem to be uncomfortable in it, and the customers didn't seem to mind either. In fact, she was quite the expert at making them feel comfortable in our store.

With time, both of us became proficient enough at making sales that we were able to get people to buy just about anything. The business really started taking off at that point. Usually, I was doing the restocking and Amy handled the cash register, while whoever had the time wooed the customers. Although we both did our best to learn how to do practically everything.

During that time, we barely ever went home, chosing instead to spend some quality time dating at the store when there weren't too many customers around. I even ended up proposing to her in the store one day, right in front of the customers. I think they found it quite endearing. Of course she said yes!

As much as I love her, Amy does have her weaknesses. She has a bit of a short temper, and sometimes she even picks fights with the customers when I'm not paying attention. Usually I can calm her down though. After all, that's not good for business at all!

Finally, after a lot of hard work, we managed to get our business to level 10. I'm not sure whether I want to keep it, though. I think We'll probably sell it and get something bigger. Since we've sold mostly artwork and decorative items, I'm thinking about buying a gallery where there's more space to properly display the more expensive items. But I'll have to wait for a while before that happens. You see, me and Amy decided that first we deserved some time off. We had a lovely wedding in our bedroom, just the two of us.

Amy Stuart: Fortune, with a LTW to be a Business Tycoon
Scorpio: 6 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy

And of course we couldn't wait to get to the most pleasant part about marriage.

Unfortunately, our little romp in the bedroom had consequences. ((Figures. My first day with risky Woohoo and it already takes it's toll, lol)) We hadn't planned on having a baby so soon, but I guess we'll have to make the best of it. At least it will give me more time to spend with my child before I become too old. I'm hoping for a boy to carry on the family name and one day inherit our business. After all, my daughter shows no interest at all in such things.

Despite her early pregnancy, Amy decided to go to work one more time to get that last promotion in the military career. She plans on switching to business once the baby is born. Seemingly the pregnancy didn't slow her down at all, because she managed to get that promotion. That's a nice boost to her maternity leave as well. I couldn't be more proud of her!

The pregnancy was quite uneventful. Amy spent most of it training skills that would benefit her in her new career, and I did a lot of redecorating on the house with the money we'd earned from our business. It's looking extremely stylish now! And of course I made sure that my wife was as comfortable as could be. Just when the wait was starting to become unbearable, our beautiful baby boy was born. Yes, it's a son and I couldn't be more happy! We named him Apollo, after the greek god. Seems Amy has a thing for mytholigy. I don't mind. It's a pleasant enough name, and he is a beautiful child who comes after his proud father. We do not plan on having any more children. I have my heir now, and we have more important plans.

There wasn't much time left in the week, and since I was unwilling to leave my precious son in the hands of one of those horrible nannies, I stayed at home with him while Amy went back to work. She didn't find a job in business right away, so she switched to sports for a while and made it all the way to assistant coach before she found the job of her dreams.

End of round accomplishments:
- Henry's girlfriend Amy moves in, bringing enough cash to buy their own business
- Little 'n Local reaches Level 10 (after about a sim week's solid playing)
- Henry and Amy get hitched and risky woohoo strikes
- Amy reaches the top of the military career track
- Apollo Stuart is born and well on his way to becoming a spoilt only child
- Amy finally finds a job in business and is currently a Senior Manager

Points this round:
- 3 for three sims: Henry, Amy and Apollo
- 1 for Amy's TOC in the military


Melissa hat gesagt…

I am enjoying your blog. I like the background stories. Look forward to reading more.

aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

This was a fantastic start for Henry, especially as his daughter moved out and left him alone. The man's amazing, and has more 'get up and go', than alot of men half his age. I look forward to seeing how Apollo grows. Well done on such a brilliant start!

Kerry hat gesagt…

I just caught up on all your families from the beginning--I'm enjoying the way you present them. Your elders seem very purposeful and busy--I need to learn from that. Mine all sort of lie around!

Sally hat gesagt…

And it's another baby! Well done on the Rank 10 business. Dating at a community lot is a great idea - your sims never have to go home. Just a quick pop on the energizer or a mood boost from a successful date and off they go asgain!