Freitag, 31. August 2007

Week 2: McMillan

Hello! Siobhan McMillan here, and as you can see I've been up to my usual tricks. Monday morning I decided to treat myself to a visit downtown and had a few dates, careful not to get caught. I also bought a bunch of mobile phones, one each for the kids. They'll get them for their birthdays when they turn into teens. I'm hoping that this way I'll still be able to get in a few minutes on the phone myself.

I had to come back early though, because that evening I had other plans than to chase men. Or rather, I was chasing other men. I had the headmaster over to see whether I could get the kids accepted. It took quite a bit of schmoozing, since our house is still not really up to scratch, but in the end he let us slide by. I'll have to make a note to thank him for that some other time *wiggles eyebrows*

I also discovered this really great (though nasty tasting) green liquid that stops one from aging. Now if only I'd found this before I grew old, because unfortunately it can't make me a young woman again. But at least it can stop me from dieing. I'm way not ready to go yet, I'm having far too much fun! Besides, someone has to hold the fort here until Keith comes back from college.

With all that money I got from selling expensive dating presents, we were able to afford a few luxuries. Like teaching the kids to play an instrument. Keira seems to be esepcially good at it. It's surprising what talents surface when you cultivate them.

Of course, with them all going to private school, I just had to take a photo of thme in their new uniforms. I'm sure I never looked so excited to be going to school. Even Keira, with her mean streak, has a smile on her face. Seriously, I swear that kid is trouble. The other day I caught her crank calling one of the neighbourhood teens, who then ran over and blamed her sister. ((She has 0 nice points and is the first kid I've ever had where the option was available. I couldn't resist ;)))

Keira isn't the only one who's talented. Her brother seems to have a real knack for sports. Thata boy! Being on the football team is a surefire way to pick up chicks when he's a bit older. They also all came home with A+ reportcards somewhere along the way. God knows where they take the brains from. Definitely not from me.

Some of the neighbours are just plain strange, by the way. This guy named Darren Foster showed up at our door one night out of the blue and rang the doorbell, so I let him in. Who am I to turn away another potential lover, after all. The pregnant chick just walked straight through the door and they started getting their groove on in the living room, to the surprise of the invited guests. A word of advice from me, honey. When you're that pregnant and can't even dance properly, dancing the chicken in a complete stranger's living room might not be the greatest idea.

Oh yeah, and if you were wondering who the invited guest was... yeah, I told you I owed him one for letting my grandkids into his school. Or maybe I would have dated him either way. In any case we didn't let the crazy dancers bother us and had a good time.

Before I knew it, it was already time for the kids to grow up yet again. All three of them turned into gorgeous teens. Keira plans to use her mean streak to get the upper hand in the business world, Katelynn chose to pursue knowledge, which suits her since she's so shy. She wants to become a doctor one day. As for Keith, he just wants to be popular and make loads of friends.

Fortune, with a LTW to be a Business Tycoon
Scorpio: 6 neat, 5 outgoing, 10 active, 4 serious, 0 grouchy

Keith: Popularity, with a LTW to have 20 best friends
Pisces: 2 sloppy, 6 outgoing, 8 active, 0 serious, 9 nice

Katelyn: Knowledge, with a LTW to become Chie of Staff
Pisces: 6 neat, 0 shy, 9 active, 3 serious, 7 nice

With the kids more independent than ever, I turned back to my dating. Sometimes it got so bad that several people were dropping off presents on the same night. Good thing none of them found out that they were all for the same person. I guess now that the kids are old enough to date I could say that some of it is theirs if someone asks too many questions.

One day, Katelyn came home with this strange contraption and asked whether I could help her with something. It seems that she's taken the lazy approach to skilling, and decided that I don't need all that knowledge about cleaning that my dates have taught me over time. She's probably right, but I'm not sure whether I like the method anyway. That thing is bound to mess with your brain sooner or later.

Keira, on the other hand, seemed more interested in the paperboy than in skilling. Like most teenage crushes, that was pretty short-lived though. I think she might be getting together with her old friend Hendrik Stevenson instead. She hasn't gotten up the guts to ask him out though. ((It was strange. She had 2 bolts for the paperboy when he walked by, but negative chemistry once she asked him over. Ah well.))

Stragely enough, it was her sister who was the first to get her first kiss. With a boy just as nerdy as she is. I'm afraid they're going to end up a couple. Shame, I think she could have done better looks wise. Horrible nose that the boy's got. And who names their kid Alvin? That's just plain cruel!

He's a bit of a strange kid as well. I swear he's never seen two girls kissing before. Don't look at me like that, boy. You made us watch you as well!

You might have been able to tell that the kids got makeovers. Keith went downtown and bought them all a set of new clothes. The girls got their hair done as well. Here they are with their new looks. I think they suit them. Keira's on the left and Kaitlyn on the right.

Looks like Keith went shopping for more than clothes though. He thought that little redheaded sales girl was pretty hot. I knew that being on the football team would come in handy for him at some point. She definitely didn't turn him down for a date.

Since Keira's so big on money, one of the first things she did was get a job. I told her that there were easier ways to get the cash flowing, but she wasn't listening. Ah well. She's good at what she does, in any case. She reached the top of her career almost instantly. Now all she's got to do is hold the job until they all head to college next week.

Well, that's all from me for this week. Unless you want a big old list of the people I dated, but that would be kind of boring. Not to mention I'm beginning to lose track of all of them myself. I've got about a dozen lovers at the moment though and am aiming for thirty before I pop my clogs.

End of round accomplishments:
- Siobhan stteadily keeps dating and starts taking the elixir of life
- The triplets get into private school and grow up to teenagers
- Keira reaches her teen TOC, and is the only one that didn't get her first kiss yet.

Points this round:
None :)


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

Romance sims never have to work with all the presents they get from dating! Well done Siobhan on not getting caught.
The triplets have turned into lovely looking teens, especially the girls - well done on the Private school enterance by the way.
Alvin Futa is a fantastic sim; I've just finished him through college, and he skills like a maniac.The impossible want for knowledge is just too easy, and the impossible want for romance and pleasure way too hard (that's just my opinion). Good luck with getting Siobhan her 30 loves; I;ve never even attempted it, although I'm going to have a go in the challenge!
Great week for the McMillan's!

Melissa hat gesagt…

Great update. The triplets grew up well. Looks like the dice were on your side with their Aspirations matching their personalities quite well. Good luck on the 30 loves. I've yet to do that one either.

Sally hat gesagt…

I'll miss Siobhan when it's her time to meet Grim. What a way to thank the headmaster! All the kids in your neighborhood are growing up to be gorgeous looking. It'll be great to see the next generation once you've paired them all off.