Dienstag, 21. August 2007

Week 2: Mitchell

Hello all. It's Andrew again and as you might remember, last week ended with the birth of my daughter, Jenny, and with me trying to convince my wife to have another child. Obviously, I succeeded in my attempts. While she was finding herself a new job in the science career, Julie started to feel all the usual symptoms.

Meanwhile, Sarah's been a huge help in the house. When she's not working or skilling, she helps take care of her little aunt. I'm really thankful, because Julie was having a difficult pregnancy. She came down with the flu on top of it all, and the two don't really mix well. Let's just say she was pretty much out of action for a while, and spent her pregnancy sleeping, eating, or skilling on the couch while trying to stay comfortable.

I personally spent a lot of time getting to know new people and making friends. We don't really need them for our careers anymore, but what can I say. I'm just a very social person, and I like having some adults to talk to for a change. The baby's not much company, after all.

Sarah's been doing great with her job. One day, the burger machine broke down and she saved the day with her own recipe! Who knows, maybe she'll become a celebrity chef one day. She's definiely well on her way to it.

Soon enough, it was time for my little girl to grow up. Julie even managed to get herself awake for the celebration. Though we didn't really invite anyone. That would have been too strenuous for all of us.

Jenny turned into a beautiful little girl that looks a lot like her niece. I'm definitely not complaining about that. Sarah's a pretty girl, so I'm hoping that Jenny will become equally beautiful when she gets older.

Jenny Mitchell: Aries; 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 7 nice

Right away we started teaching her her skills. I did most of the work, obviously, since Julie was pregnant, but she did manage to finish off the potty training. That was a relief. I've never been much of a fan of changing diapers. Who is! Jenny's a really bright girl, so she managed to learn all her skills on her first day of toddlerhood. She spent most of the rest of the time playing with that pink rabbit we bought her. She'll be a charming one when she gets older, that's for sure.

The two of us really bonded over all the skilling. I was definitely never that close to my son. Maybe because his mother did most of the childrearing back then. I understand why she enjoyed being a stay at home mom now. I quit my job to spend more time with my kids while they're small. It never payed much anyway.

Another pair who bonded were Julie and Sarah. They've gotten used to each other, I think, and found out that they have quite a few things in common. Like their love for the supernatural, it seems.

Although Julie's the only one that enjoys actually coming face to face with said supernatural. In our house that's usually in the form of our resident ghosts. Mainly my daughter-in-law. I haven't seen my son in ages, actually. She usually just floats around reenacting her own death, but she's not too fond of people skilling outside when she's around. I can't believe she scared Julie like that. I was afraid she'd have the baby right then and there. She was so big she looked like she was ready to pop!

She did have the baby not too long after that. It was another girl that we named Justice. She looks exactly like her sister did when she was born. I was kind of hoping that some of our children would have Julie's red hair, but it doesn't look like that'll be happening.

After some discussion we decided to go for one more child. I don't think we'll have another after that. My time's slowly running out, and I don't want to leave Julie with too much of a burden once I'm gone. Not to mention she actually wants to go back to her job at some point. She only worked one day before her new pregnancy, and managed to get promoted to scholar. Once she really gets back to it though it should be awalk in the park for her. She's spent so much time skilling!

I'm not sure what my daughter-in-law was trying to tell us when she just popped into our bedroom and started "dieing" while we were trying to get intimate. Maybe she just doesn't thinkour relationship is appropriate, like so many other people. She didn't bother us too much, but I'm glad she left. It's kind of hard to concentrate on making babies when someone's watching, even if they're dead. ((They actually shooed the ghost. I thought it was funny :-p))

We had loads of birthdays to celebrate this week. Jenny actually had another one and will be ready to go to school on Monday. I swear you can practically watch her grow! She turned into a very pretty child. Except for the hair. We went to have that fixed pretty much first thing.

Here she is with her new do at her little sister's birthday. Justice turned toddler, starting a new round of potty training and so forth. I don't mind though. I think we'll have to change her into her sister's old toddler clothes though. The pink tux barely works for a birthday, and it's definitely too flashy for every day.

Justice Mitchell: Aries; 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 7 nice

Sarah's new boyfriend was over a lot and they spent some time getting to know our youngest family member now that she can talk. They said they wanted to practice for when they have kids themselves. I'm sure they'll be wonderful parents if they continue like this. Though I'm glad Sarah's not moving back here with all of them. I doubt that we'd have room. We still only have one story, and Jenny and Sarah had to share her room before she left for college. Not sure where we're going to put the third baby, but we'll manage, I'm sure.

You know that you're getting old when your grandchildren start growing up. I was both happy and sad to see Sarah go to college. I know she's always wanted to, and she'll be living with her boyfriend now, but we'll miss her around the house. She was always so much help with the babies. She even waited until the last moment to go so that she could spend more time with us. She promised that she'd at least call, though you'll probably be seeing her again before I will. Give her my love when you do, and see you next week!

End of round accomplishments:
- Jenny grew to a toddler, then to a child
- Justice Mitchell was born and grew to toddler
- One last baby is on the way
- Julie found a job in the science career and is currently a scholar
- Sarah moved to college. She earned 6250$ worth of scholarships

Points this round:
- 1 for one new sim: Justice


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

I didn't even realise a sim could shoo a ghost. No wonder you laughed. Jenny looks great with her new 'do', I hate that shaggy maxis hair with a passion!
Well done on Sarah's scholarships; I look forward to seeing her in Uni. Nice update, much enjoyed. Thanks.

Christine hat gesagt…

Jenny and Justice are really cute :) Love the ghost photos, especially the one in the bedroom! funny! I didn't know they could be shooed either. hmmm...congrats to Sarah on all her scholarships! Great update!

Melissa hat gesagt…

I think the shooing the ghost from the bedroom was too funny! A very forward thinking grandfather that doesn't mind his granddaughter going off to college to live with her boyfriend! =)

Kerry hat gesagt…

Wow, yes, Grandpa is very up-to-date! But Sarah sounds terrific, too--nice of her to help out so much, befriend her new step-grandma, and take care of those little aunties!

Sally hat gesagt…

Heh - I loved the ghost in the bedroom scene! Jenny is really cute - I think you have a handsome family of girls on your hands. Fingers-crossed the last baby will be a boy and heir.