Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Week 1: McMillan

Hello, I'm Siobhan McMillan, and I guess now that the kids are a bit older I actually have the time to tell you a bit about our family. I think you already know about the disappearance of my son and daughter-in-law, leaving me to care for their triplets. This is the last photo I have of them, getting ready to leave on their trip. I'm doubting that they'll ever come back now. *wipes away tear*

This was the time when I regretted not spending more time on my career when I was younger, because I never did save up a lot of money for when I was old. Of course, it would have been enough for just me, and I've always found a man willing to pay the bills when it came to that. As things were, I was only able to buy a tiny cottage for me and the babies. I slept in the living room, but it was more important that the little ones each get their own chamber so that they wouldn't wake me or each other up. The good thing was that I still had enough money left after building this to survive without taking a job until they started going to school. Hopefully.

What I needed more than anything else though, was a new lover. I was separated from all my old acquaintances now, after all. Thankfully, I'd met this nice man over at the Stevensons' that I could call over for a date. Sure, he was married now and there wasn't a huge ammount of attraction, but it wasn't as if I was going to take him away from his family and he'd do for the start. We had a very pleasant date, so I was in a better mood to take on the toddlers than I had been before.

There were two more men in the welcome waggon, but neither of them were the least bit attractive, so I didn't spend much time with them. I can go on the hunt for more lovers when the toddlers reach school age.

The time that followed was extremely strenuous. One of the toddlers always needed me for something or other, and I was glad for the energizer. I don't think I would have survived without it. Heck, I don't think I ever used that bed once before they grew to children. They were relatively well behaved though. When I wasn't training them they spent the day playing with their toys.

And sometimes, when they were all sleeping, I could even get a moment to myself. Or rather, to myself and Andrew. He was extremely helpful during those days. He even brought me expensive presents. I never knew that he had that kind of money. I sold the fountain, of course, and used the money to build myself a proper bedroom with a nice double bed. I don't know how I ever did without it.

Thanks to smart milk, I was able to get them all fully trained by the time they were ready to grow into children. I never knew how much work it was caring for three at once, and I was all the more glad that I'd only ever had one child myself.

But in the end, their fifth birthday rolled around and they were all happy enough to grow up well. I was glad to never have to see another diaper again, and that they'd be able to put themselves to bed from now on. Here are birthday photos of my three sweethearts. Thankfully the girls have different hairstyles or even I wouldn't be able to tell them appart. The first photo is of Keira, the oldest, then comes Katelyn, the youngest, and the only boy is Keith, the middle child. Not that it matters much since they're only a few minutes appart.

They're incredibly cute when they're all sleeping, though they're quite a rambunctious bunch when they're awake. All of them are very active children. Katelyn is very shy though, and Keira has a bit of a mean streak.

Now that they're older, they can usually occupy themselves. They're constantly playing together, and have become good friends already. Here are Katelyn and Keith, I believe. She didn't much like her hair short, so she let it grow out. It looks quite good on her.

With the kids out of my hair, I finally got some time for myself. For the first time in years, I slept like a log with nobody to wake me up in the middle of the night, it was extremely relaxing. I could definitely get used to this. Hopefully things will stay this way even when the kids grow into their teens, though I doubt it. If they're anything like I was at that age, the house will be full of friends and dates until all hours of the night.

Another thing I finally had more time for is dating. I wasn't awfully attracted to Andrew and I knew he had a bad conscience about his wife and child at home, so I decided not to see him quite as often anymore. Instead I went out with that Gilbert fellow from Bluewater Village. Only this old hag interrupted us in the middle of our date. The nerve! Just because the frumpy old wench can't get a man she thinks that I can't have any fun anymore either! The date was a success anyway. I learned my lesson though. I'm meeting my men at my place from now on.

It's getting more and more risky to date in public anyway. I wouldn't want to get caught! So I invited my next date home with me while the kids were at school. I have a slight inkling that he was supposed to be in class himself since he's still in college, but then who am I to complain. I'm not his mother, after all.

I dated our mailman as well. Now that's a sweet guy if I ever saw one! I think I've even got a bit of a crush on him. But I'm not taking any of my relationships any further at this point. I've never considered getting married in the past, and I'm not changing my mind now. I'm just not the type to settle down with one man. He did bring me a nice jacuzi though. Unfortunately I don't really have a use for it at the moment, since dating outside is just too risky, so I sold it for the money. Let's just say that I'm not having any financial problems at the moment and I was even able to decorate the house a little bit.

All in all, me and the kids have fallen into a pleasant routine. They spend most of their free time playing together or studying...

And I spend most of my time in... erm... other ways.

I did manage to teach them all how to study over the weekend though, so I'm hoping they'll all get top grades as soon as school starts again. And maybe I'll have the headmaster over for dinner as well one of these days. I bet I can woo him into accepting the kids, and the house isn't looking quite as shabby anymore these days.

End of round accomplishments:
- Thanks to the aspiration points gained from dating Andrew, Siobhan has no problems raising the toddlers to childhood
- All three children grow up well with all their skills learned
- Siobhan continues on her quest to woo as many men as possible

Points this round:
- 4 for four sims: Siobhan, Kaitlyn, Keith and Keira


aerisblue2000 hat gesagt…

Way to go Siobhan! I have a Siobhan in my Properity, she's named after my daughter who's 19 - I always loved the name. Well, your Siobhan did a great job raising the triplets, and she seems to be having her own aspirations filled as well. Like you, my sims are never out of the energizer, and rarely get to sleep in a bed. I'm glad she finally managed a good nights sleep though; she deserved it! I was amazed at how alike the children are in looks; even Keith resembles his sisters, despite being a boy. I expect the kids will all be in Private school next time we see them. Well done on another great start to one of your founding families!

Sally hat gesagt…

I was looking forward to this house - an elder romance sim and triplet toddlers! And they didn't let me down. Congrats on raising the kids so well. And I love Siobhan's romantic antics.